Florence (© ChrisYunker)

The Tuscan coast (© Stracd)

Local market (© laura padgett)

Le Cantine, Greve in Chianti

What to do in Chianti

The Tuscany area boasts a history so rich that it has greatly influenced human history. The fine arts, politics, or religion, Tuscany offers such a rich culture that it is nearly impossible for any visitor to Tuscany to ignore it.

It is also an area known for picturesque landscapes, many cities famous for its art museums. The top attractions of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Castellina, Radda, Volterra, Monteriggioni, and Colle Val D’Elsa are all within easy reach from the Fattoria L’Ottavo. To get there you will pass dozens of vineyards and lots of fabulous restaurants with excellent food and wines. L’Ottavo is only a 20 minute drive from Greve in Chianti, with its restaurants, cafes and shops and a supermarket.

You'll need a car to reach most of Chianti's places, but if you feel like venturing further afield, within a 2 hours drive you'll find beaches, typical beautiful seaside resorts, and the peaks of the snow-covered Apennine mountains. And if you're into golf, equitation or interested in watching wild animals with a local hunter, these activities - and more - can easily be organized. Just let us know what your interests are, and we'll give you some ideas.

Tuscany is also known for its excellent variety of food and the highest quality wines. Local food markets offer fresh produce from the nearby farms and weekly markets are also set up which sell locally produced handcraft.

Tuscany is world famous for the production of excellent wines, thanks to its unique D.O.C., I.G.T. and D.O.C.G. wines. The Chianti area is strongly tied to its wines and the wine culture in general. The art of wine-making, or – for the many interested tourists - the art of wine tasting, the wineries around Tuscany are the places to enjoy both. Discover and indulge in the pleasures of this enchanting region with vineyard tours, cooking courses, or many different other wine and gourmet itineraries. Between Florence and Siena you will find many farms, wineries and wine cellars that proudly offer their products. Big, small, old or new -wineries in Chianti will allow you to experience the real taste of wine. All you need is a good map of the Chianti area and a hearty stomach to start your wine & food tasting tour through Chianti, either by car or by bus.

Near Greve in Chianti (app. 20km from Fattoria L’Ottavo) there are many wineries and farms where you can taste and buy wines and other typical products of the area directly from the producer. In Greve there are also several excellent wine bars and shops where you can taste and purchase wines. Among them you'll find Le Cantine, where you can taste hundreds of different wines in beautiful surroundings. We also recommend a visit to the Wine Museum in Greve.

In addition, Tuscany is a great destination for shopping. In the larger cities of Florence and Siena, you'll find many large shops and exclusive boutiques of all the best known brands, but also smaller workshops run by local craftsmen, and crafts markets. If you're interested in shopping for special brand names and Italian fashion designer clothes, shoes and house items, there are several outlets in Tuscany where you should head to find great quality at bargain prices. Shopping means also hand-crafted products which you can find only in restricted areas of Tuscany. These products are perfect gifts and souvenirs. In Volterra, for example, you have alabaster, in Montelupo Fiorentino you have ceramics and in Colle Val d'Elsa exquisite glass production.